24. 06. 2012

Management School of Process Excelence introduces Petter Bakken

Our educational platform, MSOPE, organised a training couse tailored for an automotive customer in Prague. The training, entitled "How to succeed in negotiation with customers" was delivered by Petter Bakken. The response was excellent and the customer’s management was delighted.

Petter Bakken spent 29 years at Hewlett-Packard - 10 years providing leadership and sales related trainings in Europe, including at the executive level. In the role of Learning Manager at Hewlett Packard International Petter coached leading figures at HP Europe in Leadership Programmes. He gave courses and provided consulting in regard to management, leadership, sales, negotiation, coaching, mentoring, teambuilding, planning, communication, change-management and presentation. He also provided more than 300 hours of talent/leader/executive coaching and more than 300 hours of PDI 360% coaching.