31. 05. 2011

Jaros Consulting in the development of the telecom business

Jaros Consulting was chosen by the UK company SustainMobile Ltd. to support it’s business development in Europe. SustainMobile operates at the exciting interface between the Cleantech and the Mobile/Telecom industries.

SustainMobile is Europe’s leading provider of lifecycle management solutions for mobile devices. The company helps clients to achieve unparallelled levels of information security, compliance and sustainability of performance through programmess that are designed solely to ensure that such ICT assets as smart phones and PC tablets are properly collected and processed when they reach the end of their life. SustainMobile’s ‘New Fleet Solutions’ enable clients to achieve ICT asset efficiencies by offering harmonized though client-specific fleets across their European footprint. SustainMobile is a privately owned company with offices in London, Amsterdam and Prague. Please visit www.sustainmobile.com for additional details.