28. 02. 2013

MSOPE announces the Spring 2013 Series of Leadership Trainings in Prague

Press Release - MSOPE announces the Spring 2013 Series of Leadership Trainings in Prague

Prague, 1. 3. 2013 – The Management School of Process Excellence (MSOPE) has announced its Spring 2013 training season in Prague.

“I am proud to introduce our Spring Season of Leadership Trainings in Prague, comprising 15 training courses designed for our customers in Central Europe. Our motto for the launch is “Sustainability through Success and Satisfaction”, stated MSOPE Business Leader for the CE region, Kamil Jaros.

Prague is an ideal choice for MSOPE, enabling attendees to combine their Advanced Professional Training with an extended stay in the historical city centre during the beautiful spring period. “We not only want to train our clients in how to become successful leaders, we also want to inspire them to become likeable, amiable and happy individuals”, stated Jaros, who is also an ICF Certified Coach.

The courses are provided in English and are simultaneously interpreted into Czech. The series will start on April 8th with the Project Management modules and the Sales Excellence programme will commence on the 22nd April with the highly-regarded “Breakaway Selling” course delivered by Petter Bakken and finally the Operational Excellence will be celebrated with an introduction to the outstanding course presented by Marc Baruch entitled the “Lean Six Sigma for Process Excellence”.

The International Management Training series designed by Charles Anres to assist individuals’ development towards becoming International Managers capable of initiating global business transformations will run from the 13th of May until the 28th of June in five practical sections.

“Becoming a manager is not a goal, nor is it a result, it represents a path, a lifelong learning path. On this path there are people that will come with you, people that will leave it… You will dance with these people; every action creates a reaction for better or for worse, however every one of these people will teach you something. Come to MSOPE to walk this path much more quickly - do things right and learn faster”, says Charles Anres, who has coached over 1700 individuals, from junior employees to senior VPs.

Both the training calendar and the catalogue are available for download from the MSOPE internet site and also from the webpages of Jaros Consulting Ltd, who represent MSOPE in the Czech Republic.



The Management School of Process Excellence (www.MSOPE.eu) is an educational platform grouping of unique trainers, senior managers and proven business leaders, recruited from the Learning and Development and Business Management Team of Hewlett-Packard Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Our team-members are based in four European cities - Geneva, Lyon, Oslo and Prague, in each of which we implement proven leadership trainings in International Management, Sales Motivation, Communication, Customer Service, Lean Six Sigma Operational Excellence and Business Transformation for our European clients.

Our training courses are expanded to include professional coaching programmes to support both individuals and teams in their successful development.

Our typical customers comprise not only international companies focusing on the ultimate effectiveness and sustainability of their businesses, but also individuals who simply want to develop their professional career more rapidly.


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