02. 01. 2015

MSOPE Prague Spring 2015

The Management School of Process Excellence has published its schedule for “MSOPE Prague Spring 2015” which will already be the 3rd year of the Managerial Academy, under the leadership of its founding members from the top rank of the Management of Hewlett-Packard Europe – i.e. Petter Bakken, Charles Anres and Marc Baruch.

This year its successful series of Management Courses designated for international managers will take place in Prague from March to June. Each year foreign students welcome the possibility of combining their education for their future careers with an extended visit to Prague and its historic centre during the most beautiful period of the year.

The schedule of the courses of “MSOPE Prague Spring 2015” is available for download both at the www.jarosconsulting.com/en/training and the www.msope.eu/2-TRAINING/ websites.