04. 01. 2017

MSOPE will support the International Coaching Week (ICW)

Certainly you have already encountered the word “coach” or “coaching” many times. It is frequently used in regard to sports and business, and also in the media. Would you like to learn what professional coaching does actually mean? Are you wondering what the coach may be able to help you with and what kinds of benefits coaching can bring to you?

Take advantage of an exceptional event - the International Coaching Week from the 15th to the 21st May 2017 - order your FREE session with a professional coach with the international certification from ICF.

To book your 30-minute session that will place on Senovážné Square in Prague during the International Coaching Week please send your request by the end of April using the contact form that can be found at http://www.msope.eu/69-KONTAKTY/. To specify the name of the course fill-in the words “koučink zdarma”.