01. 07. 2016

Jaros Consulting s.r.o. enters the M&A Market

The Jaros Consulting s.r.o. Company (JC) has acquired a significant stake in the Ghibli a.s. Company, the exclusive supplier of the Ghibli and the Wirbel brands to both the Czech and the Slovak markets comprising professional equipment for building and cleaning companies. In this manner JC has become an investment partner of the Italian Riello Industries.

The Italian Riello Industries Financial Group operates in a variety of fields, ranging from electrical and mechanical engineering to large-scale investment in both industrial and agricultural projects. As a part of its European activities Riello Industries has been taking advantage of JC’s services since 2013. The initial project successfully restarted the business activities of Ghibli&Wirbel SpA’s subsidiary companies in the Czech and the Slovak Republics. This was followed by a revision of the Company’s business strategy in North, Central and Southeastern Europe, which has expanded into the business management activities of Ghibli & Wirbel SpA that are targetted towards restoring business growth in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Central and Southeastern Europe that, to date, still continues.